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composer for film, TV, theatre, web media

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guitarist, session player

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Alessandro Giovanetto is an Italian guitarist and film composer specialized in creating spacial landscapes and ambient sounds using a post-rock/ambient modern approach through the use of gear.


Starting his career from an early age as a classical guitarist led him to gain confidence in reading music as well as perceiving musical elements such as rhythm, beat and meter, dynamics and timbre.


Subsequently, his studies and experience in a popular music environment, characterised by function work, arranging and composing in a band situation and music exhibitions, generated the wish of fulfilling a professional music career.


Moving to London, in order to refine his skills as performer, arranger, composer and producer, has been essential in order to establish himself in the music scene.


In these years he has worked with different projects and in different working situations, from acoustic duos covering all sort of genres such as Jazz, Latin and Pop, to full band performances and recordings.


The main work in the past five years has been with Theodore, a Greek solo artist based in London.

Throughout these years of important video-recordings (The Church Studios, Abbey Road Studios), live gigs around Europe (Poland, France, Greece, Italy, UK, Spain, Sweden) and studio work he had the chance to specialize in an interesting contemporary style based on sound design, refined music elements and attention to details such as dynamics, tone and timbre, and textures.

This style of music mixes up post-rock, ambient, minimalistic, jazz and classical music.

Being assistant of Emmy Nominated composer Maurizio Malagnini (The Paradise, Call the Midwife, Peter And Wendy) was a key influence in shaping the skills required to score movies to a professional level, and to get accepted at the prestigious Royal College of Music, for a master degree in composition for screen.


Alessandro considers himself as a guitarist, arranger and composer with skills in sound design and music production.


musician and composer for film, tv, theater, web media

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