As a guitarist I specialize in creating spacial landscapes and ambient sounds using a post-rock/ambient modern approach through the use of gear.

I started my musical journey from an early age as a classical guitarist which led me to gain confidence in reading music as well as perceiving musical elements such as rhythm, beat and meter, dynamics and timbre.

Subsequently, my studies and experience in popular music, in the form of function work, arranging and composing in a band situation and music exhibitions, generated the wish of fulfilling a professional music career.

In these years I was involved in different projects and in different working situations, from acoustic duos covering all sort of genres such as jazz, latin and pop, to full band performances and recordings.

The main work of the past seven years has been with Theodore, a Greek solo artist based in London.

Throughout these years of important video-recordings (The Church Studios, Abbey Road Studios), live gigs around Europe and North America (Poland, France, Greece, Italy, UK, Spain, Sweden, United State, Qatar, Canada) and studio work, I had the chance to specialize in an interesting contemporary style based on sound design, refined music elements and attention to details such as dynamics, tone and timbre, and textures.

This style of music mixes up post-rock, ambient, pop, minimalistic, jazz and classical music.

After recording the third album at Clouds Hill studios in Hamburg in December/January 2018, the band toured the USA for the first time, playing in Austin, Texas at South By Southwest Festival, in New York and in various showcases in Los Angeles, California.

After that some tours in Portugal, Holland and Greek islands followed.

At the end of June 2018, I got in the studio with my band Collective Remembrance to record the first EP/album.

As of 2020, I have spent the last two years working in different contexts, such as arranging and musical directing for different projects (for example for a persian artist called Madhera, and for my own personal project for which I directed a small chamber ensemble of string players) as well as teaching full time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia teaching ABRSM/Rockschool/Trinity Curricula in a private music school.


musician and composer for film, tv, theater, web media

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