Royal College of Music, London. Composition For Screen Showcase 2021 Title : "Abiogenesis". Composed, arranged and orchestrated by Alessandro Giovanetto. Electronics and percussions: Alessandro Giovanetto. Orchestra conducted by J.P. Jennings. Performed by the RCM orchestra Recorded at the Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music, by Steven Harrington. Mixed by Vasilis Dokakis. The music has been composed over a film provided for the Berlin International film scoring competition. It would have been a very different outcome if I didn't have the support of two amazing persons and composers. Maurizio Malagnini and Enrica Sciandrone have been following me and supporting me in my journey as a screen composer so far, and I owe them so much of what I am. This wants to be a little homage to them. Thanks to Richard Mans to allow me to work and publish my music over his film. Director: Richard Mans Sound Design: Luca Pestarini

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musician and composer for film, tv, theater, web media

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